Think-Tac-Toe-Physics StyleStarting at the top (blue) row, pick three projects you will do by drawing a straight line from blue through green and into purple. The line must be straight and pass through all three colors.For complete explanation and details click on the link in each project.
Define the unit's
words using drawings
and sketches.
Create a crossword puzzle
using the unit's
vocabulary words and definitions as clues.
Create a graphic organizer to
show the topics, vocabulary,and
definitions from this unit.
Write a song, rap, or poem
to help someone learn about velocity, acceleration,
and force.
Create a bank of 10
real world and original
math problems for each
formula from this unit.
Make a poster showing
Newton's three law
and their applications.
Use a Microsoft PowerPoint Template
to make a Jeopardy review game for this unit.
Make a Wikispace for
future students to use
when studying this unit.
Create a cooperative learning
game for students to play when reviewing this unit.