Science in the News
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October's Reading Strategy:
November's Reading Strategy (2pages):

This ongoing project will highlight current events in the field of science
and reinforce reading strategies in the sciences.

1. Find an article that has to do with any branch of science, cut or print it out, put your name on it, write a citation, bring it to school, and pin it to our “Science in the News” bulletin board.
*The article should be at least a half page of written material, but no more than one full page.
* You may bring in one extra article once a month for bonus points.

2. Before the assigned due dates, take another person’s article, take a reading strategies worksheet and complete all required information. Replace the article on the board. Turn in the reading strategies worksheet.

3. Process repeats according to posted due dates.

Frequently Asked Questions:
“Where do I find an article?”
Articles can be found in local newspapers and magazines. They can also be found online at websites such as Science News For Kids, Dogonews, HeadlineSpot, or others. No matter when you find the articles, they must be cut out or printed and brought to school along with your name and a citation.
“How many points is this worth?”
The article is worth 10 points – with name and correctly written citation. One point will be deducted for each day the article is late.
The reading strategy worksheet is worth 10 points if correctly completed. See attached grade sheet as an example.
“How do I write a citation?”
The citation for an article from a newspaper or magazine should be written as follows:
Author’s last name, author’s first name. “Article title.” Periodical Title Date: pages. Medium of Publication.

Willis, Gary, Jr. “Infant Mortality Rates Down.” Washington Post 12 Aug. 2003: A1. Print.

The citation for an article from an Internet web site should be written as follows:

Author’s last name, author’s first name. (or if that is not available, the name of the group who put the page
together.) “Article title” (if there is one) Title of overall web site. Publisher or sponsor of the site. Date of
publication. The word “Web.” Date you got on the site to get the article.

Omes, Steven. “Far away planet could support life.” Science News for Kids. 13 Oct. 2010. Web. 18 Oct 2010.

“When is This Due?”

You are responsible for turning in at least one article per month, on the first Friday of each month.
The written reading strategies are due every two weeks, on a Friday.
See the attached list for upcoming due dates.