Unit 4:
Life Science

1. The Organization of LifeOrganization of Life Blank Note Sheet:Organization of Life PowerPoint Lesson: Organization of Life Speaking TutorialOrganization of Life Vocabulary List:
Organization of Life Worksheet:
Journal Assignment:

Cells "R" Us: Population to Ecosystem Note Sheet (Notes found under Organization of Life PPT above.):
Ecosystem Worksheet:

2. The Cell
Note Sheet On The Discovery of Cells:

Information on Scientists Important to the Discovery of Cells:
The Discovery of Cells Webquest:
Prokaryotic Cell 3D Model:

Prokaryotic Cell Tutorial and Game
Two Types of Cells Note Sheet:
Prokaryotic Cell Reading and Questions:
Prokaryote Video
Animal and Plant Cell Diagrams:
Blank Animal Cell 1 Blank Animal Cell 2Plant Cell Tutorial and GameAnimal Cell Tutorial and Game
Blank Plant Cell
Animal Cell Coloring PagePlant Cell Coloring Page
Cell Structure, functions, pictures
Basic Information of Cells Video
Cell Video
Major Cell Organelles Video Lecture
The Inner life of a cell

Animal Cell WebQuest:
The Virtual Cell WebQuest:
Animal Cell Microviewer Lab:
Cell Structure Microviewer Lab:
Animal Cell Diagram Assignment:
3D Cell Model

Cell Organelles Review Game QUIA:
Prokaryotic Cell Structure and Function:

3. MicroscopesBlank Microscope Diagram 1Blank Microscope Diagram 2Blank Microscope Diagram 3: Introduction to Microscopes Notesheet:
Microscope Parts and Functions Chart:
Draw a Microscope Homework:
Parts of A Microscope:

Microscope Webquest:
New Link for webquest question #5:

Writing Prompt: Why is the scientist adjusting the objectives?

4. DNAThe Structure of DNA from DNATube TED TV: James Watson's talk "How we discovered DNA"
PBS NOVA: Cracking the Code, Part 1 Intro:PBS NOVA: Cracking the Code, Part 2 What is DNA:DNA Webquest Level 3:
DNA Webquest Level 1:
Web Hunt: What's the Big Deal about DNA? Scholastic Site

NOVA: Create a DNA fingerprint
NOVA: Create a DNA Fingerprint Virtual Lab Question Sheet:
Understanding DNA PowerPoint Notes:
Understanding DNA Note Sheet:

Making a Protein PowerPoint Notes:
Making a Protein PDF Version:

Protein Synthesis Worksheet:
Practicing DNA Transcription and Translation:
Transcription, Translation Worksheet:
DNA Workshop Activity:
DNA Workshop Activity Questions:

Alien Encounters with Transcription and Translation:
The Snorks:

Building DNA Game.
The GEEEE! in Genetics. DNA and GENE Games:
Pfizer, Building DNA:

Writing Prompt: Compare and contrast the spiral staircase to a DNA molecule:

5. Genetics
Genetics Notes
Genetics Vocab Practice #1
Genetics Vocab Practice #2
Genotype and Phenotype WKS
What the Heck are Genotypes and Phenotypes Worksheet
Punnet Squares Questions
Genetics Practice Packet
Monohybrid Mice
Mendelian Genetics WKS
Going Beyond Simple Genetics Notes
Bikini Bottom #1
Bikini Bottom #2
Monsters INC.
Monster Genetics
Bunny Genetics
How to Read a Pedigree

Pedigree Worksheet
Interpreting a Human Pedigree

Links & Games

Transcribe and Translate a DNA strand into a Protein:
Interactive Punnett Square:
Punnett Square Tutorial:
Bug Genetics:
Bugs that live on you:
Heart Operation Game:
Salmon Dissection Game:
Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection:
Watch a Cow Eye Dissection:
Sheep Brain Dissection and Movie:
Edheads Surgery: