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Stem Design Challenge
Build a Big Wheel
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Build a Big Wheel Lesson Plan:

Follow the Engineering Design Process...
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The Challenge: Design a Big Wheel with at least eight passenger cars for the least amount of money.
Your final wheel must be S.A.F.E.. S-Safe, A-Aesthetic, F-Functional, E-Economical.
The Limits: It must have at least eight passenger cars. It must be functional (it must work). It must only be made of available materials. It must be designed and built within 2 days (4 class periods).
The Constraints: You will be responsible for determining the cost to create and build your wheel. Your goal is to make the most efficient wheel with the lowest cost.
Price Sheet:
Find Out What Others Have Done: Click each title to visit the web page.

Building the London Eye: Very interesting, but a bit lengthy. Good info on the purpose, planning, and construction of the eye.

Build the London Eye Online: The site goes through the parts of a wheel and how they work together to create the ride. Good information for presenting your wheel and sounding like you know what you are talking about! Good for starting to think about the parts you will need to create. Includes glossary of terms.

Physics of Ferris Wheels:
Follow these Design Steps
1. Decide how you will construct your wheel...brainstorm...share ideas...use lots of paper.
The best way to have a great idea is to have lots of ideas.
2. Create a final blue print of how it will look.
3. Decide what materials you will need. Make a list. Label the parts of your blueprint with the type of material.
4. Estimate the cost of your design. Put a rough estimate on your blueprint.
5. Consider S.A.F.E. If it is not S.A.F.E. rethink your design.
Carefully Create your Design
Begin to create your design. Put someone in charge of spending. When you buy new materials you will need to record what you bought and the total cost.

Test along the way. If something is not working..STOP...revisit the design and make adaptations. Trial and error will waste your money.
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There is Always Room for Improvement

Try out the product. Does it work? Where can you make an improvement to make it better?
Is it S.A.F.E.? How can you make it S.A.F.E.r?
Make it Better.JPG
Make at least one improvement to your final design. Use all your allotted time to make as many improvements as possible.
When you are sure it is the best it can be, enter it as your final product.
The Most Terrifying Ferris Wheel I Have Ever Ridden.The Wonder Wheel, Coney Island, Brooklyn.Think it doesn't look scary? Try it this summer. I dare you.