Bell RingerGuidelines for Bell Ringers:
(1) Obtain a new bell ringer paper each Monday. Add your name and the date for that week's bell ringer.

(2) Answer each question to the best of your ability with the time allowed during class (3-5 min.). If you need more time to answer, you may do so on your own time.

(3) Your answers must be in complete sentences for full credit. Word problems must have all work shown and answers labeled.

(4) If you are absent, it is your responsibility to answer the question(s) that you missed. ALL students are responsible for having ALL bell ringers answered. Absences DO NOT excuse you. The ONLY exception is a Friday absence. In this situation, your teammates will turn in your bell ringer sheet and you are excused from the Friday question.

(5) Bell ringer sheets will be collected each Friday and graded. Each week's sheet will be worth 5-10 points.
Bell Ringer Blank Forms:


Bell Ringers for the week of 2/4
Monday - Describe two things you already know about genes or genetics or heredity. (2pts)
Tuesday - Write a complete sentence(s) to describe the importance of DNA to you/your body. Include two reasons it is important. (2pts)
Wednesday - Write a genotype that is homozygous dominant. Write a genotype that is homozygous recessive. ( (2pts)
In dogs, black coat color is dominant. A recessive gene for color gives the dog other colors from cream to tan to red.
Thursday - A female dog is all black. A male dog has a tan and brown spotted coat. Give the genotype of each dog. (2pts)
Friday - Create a Punnett square to show the cross between the dogs in Thursday's question, then give the phenotypic ratios. (2pts)

Bell Ringers for the week of 2/4
Monday -Find the sum of 3¾ and 7 1/5. You may not use a calculator. (2pts)
Tuesday - Of all the 7th grade students, 1/5 are in chorus, 1/8 are in band, and 1/9 are in orchestra. What fraction of the students are in some type of music class? You may not use a calculator. (2pts)
Wednesday - Subtract 7 3/5 from 9 3/4. You may not use a calculator. (2pts)
Thursday - Jill had 20 cups of flour. She used 7 3/4 cups for a batch of bread and 3 1/3 cups for a batch of cookies. How much flour did she have left? You may not use a calculator. (2pts)
Friday - No School

Bell Ringers for the week of 1/28
Monday - A store sells bags of apples 12 for $3.60. What is the unit cost per apple. You may use a calculator. (2pts)
Tuesday - Girl scout cookies cost $4 for a box of 18 cookies. What is the cost per cookie? You may use a calculator. (2pts)
Wednesday - You can purchase a 1.8 pound bag of candy for $2.69 or you can buy the candy in bulk at $1.70 per pound. Which is the better deal? By how much is it a better deal? You may use a calculator. (2pts)
Thursday - Carlos bought 3 gallons of ice cream for $9.50. Megan spent $3.59 on one gallon. Who got the better deal? (2pts)
Friday - Cindy worked 23 hours last week babysitting. She earned $126.50. What was Cindy's rate of pay? (2pts)

Bell Ringers for the week of 1/21
Tuesday - Estimate 447.777 divided by 45.23. (2pts)
Wednesday - ESTIMATE the product of 362.45 * 17.995. (2pts)
Thursday - An icicle was 48.5 cm long one morning. By the afternoon it had melted to 39.9 cm long. ESTIMATE the difference in length from morning to afternoon to the closest centimeter. (2pts)
Friday - A full grown dog weighed 53.64 kg. As a puppy it weighed 28.45 kg. ESTIMATE how much weight the puppy gained to the nearest the kg. (2pts)

Bell Ringers for the week of 1/14
Monday - Between 1/5 and 1/4 of students earned an A on a math test. Give a decimal that is BETWEEN these two fractions. (2pts)
Tuesday - Jordan answered 82% of the questions correctly on a math test. What fraction is equivalent to 82%? You answer must be in lowest terms. (2pts)
Wednesday - Liz had 4/5 of a puzzle finished. What percent of the fraction did she complete. (2pts)
Thursday - 68% of students are in an extracurricular activity. What fraction is equivalent to 68%. Show your answer in lowest terms. (2pts)
Friday - Between 2/3 and 4/5 of students buy a la cart items at lunch. Give a PERCENT that is between 2/3 and 4/5. (2pts)

Bell Ringers for the week of 1/7
Tuesday - If three balls were dropped from the same height at the same time how fast would you be able to tell which will hit the ground first.(2pts)
Wednesday - Describe how particles of a liquid are arranged and how they move. (2pts)
Thursday - Describe an amorphous solid. (2pts)
Friday - Name three examples of a physical chanage. (2pts)

Bell Ringers for the week of 12/3
Monday - Describe two situations that would make gravity smaller. (2pts)
Tuesday - Describe two ways to DECREASE friction. (2pts)
Wednesday - What is inertia? (2pts)
Thursday - If you need to move something that is VERY heavy you need to push it very hard. This is an example of Newton's _ law. (1pts)

Friday - No School (2pts)

Bell Ringers for the week of 11/26
Tuesday - A 325 kg mass accelerates from 2m/s to a faster 13m/s over a period of 9s. Find the force needed to cause this acceleration. (2pts)
Wednesday - Describe a way to increase friction. (2pts)
Thursday - Describe the relationship between distance and gravity. (2pts)
Friday - You leave Earth and go to Jupiter. Does your mass change?

Does your weight change? ___ (2pts)

Bell Ringers for the week of 11/11
Tuesday - A boy runs to the back of a moving bus with a velocity of 0.2m/s while the bus is moving west with a velocity of 2.0 m/s. Find the boy's total velocity. (2pts)
Wednesday - Describe a situation that shows negative acceleration. (2pts)
Thursday - A rollercoaster accelerates from 23 km/hr to 38 km/hr within 0.12 hr. Find its acceleration. (2pts)
Friday - Define balanced force. Give an example of a balanced force. (2pts)

Bell Ringer for the week of 10/1 - 10/05
Monday - Write a hypothesis that matches this question: What affect does finger length have on the number of piano keys you can reach? (2pts)
Tuesday - Why must an experiment be repeated? (2pts)
Wednesday -Name 4 tools you can use to collect data. (2pts)
Thursday- Why is it important to follow all lab procedures? (2pts)
Friday - Why did you compare your data with the class average? (2pts)

Bell Ringer for the week of 9/17 - 9/21
Monday - Define the scientific method.
Tuesday - Why is it important that scientists follow the scientific method?
Wednesday -Write one qualitative and one quantitative observation about your surroundings.
Thursday- You notice that all the students at an elementary school are outside. What inference could you make from this observation?
Friday - A scientist investigates whether putting coffee on a plant will help it grow faster. What is the dependent variable?

Bell Ringer for the week of 9/10 - 9/14
Monday - Describe something that science studies.
Tuesday - Describe one thing that a scientist does.
Wednesday -Why is it important for science to be repeatable?
Thursday- Why is science not always fair?
Friday - Why is science not able to solve all problems?