Text Book: Environmental Science

Chapters: 1, 2, 3

1. Organization of Life
Organization of Life Blank Note Sheet:Organization of Life PowerPoint Lesson:
Organization of Life Tutorial With Narration
Organization of Life Vocabulary List:
Organization of Life Worksheet:
Journal Assignment:

Cells "R" Us: Population to Ecosystem Note Sheet (Notes found under Organization of Life PPT above.):
Ecosystem Worksheet:

2. Characteristics of Life
Is Sammy Alive?
Characteristics of Life (Mrs. Nerg)
Seven Characteristics of Life Note Sheet (Mrs.Nerg)
Seven Characteristics of Life Mind Map

Observing Characteristics of Life
Abiotic vs Biotic Factors Note Sheet
Abiotic vs Biotic Factors Worksheet

Biology 01-2 Ecosystems - Biotic and Abiotic Factors from Sam Holloway on Vimeo.

3. Classification Systems
Classification; Sorting it all out Note Sheet
Classification Clues Worksheet
The Six Kingdoms
Interpreting Graphics; Taxonomy
Organizing the Animals

Shape Island
Dichotomous Key Nornos
Dichotomous Key Pamishans
Fish Sorting Activity
Dichotomous Key Fish.
The Great Barrier Reef NatGeo
Constructing a Cladogram

4. Species Interactions/Energy Flow
Interactions Among Living Things Note Sheet
Interactions Among Living Things Section Summary; Review and Reinforce:
Interactions Student Organizer for Shark Clips:

Shark Clips: Nature/PBS

Shark Clips Media Resources and Lesson Plan
Studying Populations Note Sheet
Energy Roles in Ecosystems Notes
Energy Roles in Ecosystems Note Sheet

Food Web #1
Food Web #2
Food Web #3
Fun with Food Webs
A Walk in the Woods

Writing Prompt: Predator-prey relationships in balance:

5. Biomes
Biomes Blank Chart
Comparing Biomes of the US
What is a Biome Reading and Questions
Earth's Biomes Review and Reinforce
Biomes Webquest

Biome Project:
Approved Websites List for Research:
Level 1 Project Information Sheet:
Level 1 Project Directions
Level 1 Project Grading Rubric:
Level 3 Project Information Sheet:
Level 3 Project Directions

A Walk in the Woods

Environmental Top Ten List
David Letterman's Top 10 for teachers

Writing Prompt: Advantages of fish schooling:

Games & Extra PracticeInteractive Ecology Simulation
Animal Adaptations GameMission AdaptationMake a Food Web