Unit 2: Chemistry

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1. Physical vs Chemical Changes

* Mass vs Weight Reading
* Mass vs Weight Graphic Organizer
* Note Sheet - Understanding Matter:
* Note Sheet - Physical and Chemical Properties:

* Physical vs Chemical Properties Worksheet:
* Two Way to Change (physical vs chemical) Worksheet:
* Separating Mixtures using Physical Properties:
* Note Sheet, Physical and Chemical Changes:

* Physical vs Chemical Changes Worksheet:
* Physical and Chemical Changes Chart:
* Sorting Activity - Physical vs Chemical:

2. States of Matter
* States of Matter Note Sheet:
* Matter Sort: Tree Map
* Molecules on the Move
* States of Matter Gloster
* Plasma Article - National Geographic:
* Bose-Einstein Condensate:Bose-Einstein Condensate Website:

3. Classifying Matter

*Types of Matter Flow Chart:
*Substance vs Mixture Worksheet:
*Organizing Mixtures Venn Diagram:
*Chemistry: Classifying Matter Chart:
*Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Pictures:
Messing with Mixtures:

4. Elements & Atoms

Meet the Elements Song
Element Flash Card List 1:
Element Flash Card List Level 3 :

Element Flash Card Quizlet:
Element Crossword Puzzle:
Draw an atom online
Build an Atom PHet:
Build an Atom
Click to Run

Build an Atom PHet Worksheet:
The Periodic Table of the Elements:

5. The Periodic Table

Periodic Table:

Element Movie PBS:

Element Comic Books
A Look at the Past - The History of the Periodic Table

The Periodic Table Has A Weighty Issue Article
The Periodic Table of the Elements Note Sheet:

Metals, Non-Metals, Metalloids:

Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle:

The Periodic Table WKS:
Periodic Table: Determining # of Shells and Valence Electrons:
Build a Periodic Table Display:Grading Rubric:
Find Someone Who:
"Who Am I?":

Radon testing and site reporting levels

5. Chemical Equations
Counting Atoms:
Interpreting Formulas:
Making Molecules:
Making Molecules drawing Sheet:
Lewis Structures:

Bonding Lewis Dot Diagrams
Building Molecules in 3D PHet:
Build a Molecule
Click to Run

Building Molecules in 3D/Lewis Dot Worksheet:

Dictionary of Chemical Formulas
Classifying Chemical Reactions Lesson:
Classifying Chemical Reactions Student Sheet:
Balancing Equations Worksheet:
Another Balancing Equations Sheet:
Balancing Act Practice:
Balancing Equations:

6. Unit Review

Vocabulary Review for Chemistry
Chem Review Packet:

Chem Review Packet - Answer Key:

4. Links & Games

Millionaire - Classification of Matter:
Jeopardy - Classification of Matter:
Physical and Chemical Properties Quiz:
Physical and Chemical Properties Quiz:
List of Chemistry Quizzes:
Classification of Matter Flashcard Quiz:
Element Matching Game:
Element Hangman:
It's Elemental - Element Information:
Elements - Quick Reference:
Photographic Periodic Table:
Build an Atom:
Dynamic Periodic Table:
Create-A-Test Team Activity: