Unit 2:Forces, Motion,& Energy

1. Measuring Motion

Measuring Motion Notes:
FlashCard Assignment
Describing and Measuring Motion Reading and Questions
Motion and Forces Reading and Questions
Calculating Average Speed Graph
Speed Questions
Speed Zone Ahead - Average Speed Problems
Determining Speed (Velocity) Word Problems

Velocity Park Homerun Derby
Velocity Park Homerun Derby WKS
Acceleration Reading and Questions
Acceleration Calculations
Acceleration Practice Problems
Graphing Distance vs Time
Graphing Speed vs Time
Domino Derby
Make Your Own Accelerometer

G Force Article, OSU:

2. Force
Force Notes:
Forces Worksheet 2
Forces Worksheet 4
Forces Worksheet 5
Forces Worksheet 6
Forces Worksheet 7
Forces Worksheet 8
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Reading and Questions
Net Force Diagrams 1
Resultant Force Diagrams 2
Force and Acceleration Word Problems
Force Webquest
Friction Notes:
I Sense Some Friction Here Reading and Questions
Guided Text Reading 1:3 Friction
Friction and Surface Type Lab
Friction and Gravity Reading and Questions
Friction (S. Fablan) Reading and Questions
Gravity Notes:
Acceleration Due to Gravity Concept Map:

Online Gravity Quiz

Writing Prompt: Defying Gravity in mountain boarding:

3. Newton's Laws
History of Physics
How Dante's Inferno Inspired Galileo's Physics

Who Was Issac Newton Reading and Questions
Inertia and Mass
Inertia Reading and Questions

Newton's Vocabulary Online Quiz

Newton's Law Challenge Online Quiz

Unit Review

Stock Car Racing Lab
Stock Car Racing Data 2011
Study Guide for Physics Exam

Physics Unit Practice Problems
1st Student Practice Problems with Answer Key

Unit Practice Problems Answer Key

Student-Made Review Wikipage #1

Student-Made Review Wikipage #2 - Click on Projects, Click on Review Site #2.

Links & Games

Learning Science Physics Games
Physics U
Calculating Speed and Velocity Practice Problems
Calculating Acceleration Practice Problem
The Meaning of Force @ the Physics Classroom
Average Speed Practice WorksheetSpeed and Acceleration Practice Worksheets

Acceleration Practice
Speed and Acceleration Practive Problems
Free Body Diagrams
Newton's Law Flickr Photos from the Physics Classroo
Focus on Friction:
Practice Force Problems (some hard!)
Calculating Force of Motion Practice Problems
Calculating Momentum
Forces and Motion, How much do you remember? Isaac Newton
Laws of Motion Quiz Games
Laws of Motion Review Game Zone

Study Guide :