scientificMethod.gifWhat is Science?
The Scientific Method

& Measurement

1. What is Science?
Teamwork Questions:
Science Knowledge Survey:

Notes: What is Science, Anyway?:

Homework: Super Scientist

What is Science Video:

What Science Is/What Science is Not Article:
What is Science Bulletin Board Activity:
Bulletin Board Example:
What is Science Concept Map:
Warm Up: What Science Is:

2. The Scientific Method
Notes:The Scientific Method
Notes:Observation & Inference
Warm-Up Observation & Inference 1:
Warm-Up Observation & Inference 2:
Observation & Inference:
Observation & Inference Picture Practice:
Inferences and Observation Practice:

Writing Prompt: A day at the beach using all your senses:
Independent and Dependent Variables Practice:
Writing Formal Hypotheses:
Hypothesis Worksheet:
Hypothesis Practice!:
The Milk Bottle Problem:
Analyzing an Experiment:
Homework: What is Scientific Method:
Bikini Bottom Experiments:
More Trouble in Bikini Bottom:
Help Save Fred
Scientific Method Review L1:
The Goldfish Experiment:
The Science Fair Project Idea Board

Writing Prompt: Bang! Questions about fireworks that can be answered through science:

3. Measurement
Notes: Metric Mania
Paper Ruler:
Measuring in Centimeters:
Measuring in Millimeters:
Measuring Length (A):
Measuring Length, Width, Height:
Metric Measurement Length Lab:

Mass -
Interactive Triple Beam Balance
Practice Massing with the Triple Beam Balance
Reading a TBB WKS:
Using the Balance:

Reading a Triple Beam Balance:
Measuring a Parcel Online Activity
Measuring a Parcel and Postage activity worksheet:


Volume Notes:
Reading Volume Worksheet:
Video Lesson: Math 6 Spy Guys
Graduated Cylinders Worksheet:
Measurement Graduated Cylinders Worksheet:
Volume by Displacement WKS 1

Volume by Displacement WKS 2
Volume Word Problems:

Mass/Volume/Density Notes ISN:
Density Notes:
Density Note Sheet:
Density Word Problems:
Density Practice Problems Worksheet:
Density Calculations Worksheet 1:

Mass Volume Density Practice Problems:

Float or Sink Density (then click on run this time)
Mystery Canisters:

Temperature -
Celsius Notes:
Reading Thermometers:
Comparing Thermometers WKS #2:
Celsius Worksheet:
Skillswise: Worksheet 1:
Skillswise: Worksheet 2:
Skillswise: Worksheet 3:
Temperature Conversions from Celsius to Farenheit:
Conversions -
Using Correct Units:
Unit Conversions and Factor-Label Method:
Metric Mania Conversion Practice:
Metric Mania Conversion Challenge:
Metric Length Crossword Puzzle:
Converting Metric Units
 powered by

Measurement Conversions Word Problems
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Writing Prompt: Measuring the properties of Milk

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Sugar Stacks

Density Practice 1